Intro & Permax

Makyla Waters <twolegged@...>

Hello everyone - I was recently told that my 20yo is showing signs of
Cushings. His blood work was inconclusive (my vet won't run the dex
suppression test - she knows of 3 horses now that have foundered from the
test). She asked the vet school here, UC Davis, and they said none of the
blood tests were really accurate and to just put him on Permax for a month
and see if he improved. His signs are: loss of weight and condition this
winter, long hair coat in past 3 winters (since I've owned him), some patchy
fat spots, and the biggee - he suddenly is peeing and drinking alot of
water. He also started eating at his salt block this winter. Just prior
to this, we had x-rayed his hocks and one has significant changes so I had
just started him on bute. He refused to eat it after 3-4 days, so I started
to use a syringe to get it in him. Then he started really attacking his
salt block (sounded like he's biting at it) and peeing alot (that's when I
called the vet back). I immediately stopped the bute and he quit peeing so
much in 3 days (my vet doesn't think it's related, but I'm not so sure) .
He's still peeing more than normal. I'm about to try Chamisa Ridge's
product for inflammation vs. bute. We started him on Permax last weekend
and no changes yet (she said it would take about 2 weeks before we saw any
real changes).

Kay - As far as Permax dosage, my vet started me on .75 mg/day (3 tablets)
and said we'd go down to 2 tablets and then 1 later (.25mg). She also she's
had other horses that have to have their dosage increased for awhile and
then can be brought down again. I wonder if your 1/2 pill is really low?

Also wanted to pass on that I board with a vet that has done alot of
research with Cushings and I'll see her this weekend (she has a 26yo that
she's throwing a small party for on Saturday!), so if anyone has any burning
questions... Her advice to me so far has been to invest in shavings to keep
his feet dry.

Anyone else see any relation to bute with their horses need for water and
peeing it out?

Thanks to our list owner - I was shocked when my vet told me that he looked
Cushings! And I am really glad to have access to other owners that are
trying to sort their way through this disease.

Take care, Makyla & 4-legged friends