Anna Bradley <anna.bradley@...>

Hi my name is Anna. I have recently joined this discussion group on
Cushings and am not totally familiar with it as yet! I got your last e-mail
yesterday and intoductions from new members were requested, so here's mine!
I'm in the UK, and my pony Oscar was diagnosed with early Cushings at Xmas.
Since then I have been trying to find support from similar owners as I have
not been able to deal with the diagnosis very well. Needless to say, I am
really pleased to have found this site.
My pony at present just has a long summer coat and is going to try Pergolide
very soon, I am wondering if this will shift his coat.
Anyway this is just a brief intorduction from a new member, I look forward
to benefiting from the advice from like minded owners
Bye for now, Anna.

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Anna, good luck with your pony. My horse has been taking pergolide for a
year. His hair coat seems normal now, although he is still battling lameness.
Kay in AK