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jo whitehead

Thank you in advance for your help.
I bought my Connemara pony Dan on October 1st 2021. On December 29th 2021 he came down with laminitis in all 4 feet. He was box rested, trimmed, put on soaked hay etc as per your recommendations. Insulin was not baseline tested but from dynamic Karo tests he was diagnosed with EMS and IR. I made a track system for him so that he could be grass free with movement. I struggle to soak hay as we're in a field with no piped water so I sourced some tested hay NSC below 10% so ESC and starch should be safe. Hay is restricted to 2% and he is not overweight. He receives a token feed of soaked sugar beet and Forageplus balancer. Over the summer of 2022 successive dynamic tests showed increasing responses and he was put on ertugliflozin. Eventually my vet decided to do a resting baseline insulin test - these have never been lower than 90 UIU/ml and today's was 222. He has no pulses and has been barefoot (with boots) since July. He has been ridden sound (with boots) since May and we've gradually built his exercise up.
I've probably forgotten something, but if you have any further advice or ideas to help us, I'd be really grateful.
Many thanks

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Are you using compounded ertugliflozin? What is his weight and the dose?
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