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To hopefully help prevent this type of irresponsible article in the future, go here and give it a low rating at the bottom of the page .
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Done!  Obviously vit E is critical for general health, but show us the research that it prevents PPID! 

BTW, since horses consume an enormous amount of antioxidants as they eat dark leafy greens day in, day out, aside from the most unstable antioxidants like vit E and A, can they really have a shortage of antioxidants in their diet?  Horses on pasture get PPID, too.  Maybe they just haven't evolved to live long lives in their natural environment?

I agree with Dawn, as a general rule I avoid "horsey rags".  But I have to say my earliest point of contact with ECIR was thru 3 articles Jaini wrote about metabolic conditions for a Canadian horse magazine years ago.... ;)

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