It's not laminitis!!

Pennington-Boggio's <pennbo@...>

Hi All, the vet was out tonight to check intermittent lameness with
Star my cushings mare. Good news is that the lameness is not cushings
related. Bad news is it is probably shoeing related but could be
bursitis too. At least those can be corrected without paying a bundle.
She also has put her on a thyroid med. Not thyrol-L as she doesn't
think its as effective. She is thinking she might need it because of
even though she shed out her extreme winter coat her "summer" coat is
still longer than it should be. Also her neck is cresty- even for a
Morgan! <g> This vet is also a chiropractor and adjusted her. She was
really out in all her ribs so she should start feeling better. All in
all I think we got a lot accomplished and diagnosed. The vet is still
optimistic and says she really is doing great all things considered. She
did tell me she was on the borderline of being spoiled nice and spoiled
rotten!! LOL Like I didn't know that already!! <VBG>
Hope everyone else is doing well too!
Chris in CA

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Good news, Chris! Good luck with bringing your mare around. Laminitis is
awful...glad she isn't going through that. Kay in AK