Jiaogulan- how much and together with Metformin


My husband is syringing the Jiaogulan along with the Metformin. I was told not to put the Thyro L with the Milk of Magnesia but how about the Jiaogulan? Also he is giving it at the same time she eats. I was told you should double the amount of Jiaogulan if you do that. She is now on 3 tsps total per day but her gums are not pink. How much can I safely give her? 



Hi, Pam.
Horses with dark skin and gray gums really hide any pink. Try checking her tongue to see if it is pinker. If you don't know what color the gums and tongue started, stop for a day or two, take a good look and restart Jiagulan. Check tongue and gum color before you give Jiagulan and about 1 ½ to 2 hours later. 

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Sandy Carr

Long ago when I started the j-herb I was encouraged to take a picture with my phone of gums, tongue. Good light, etc. Then each time I wanted to check his status I took another picture IN THE SAME LOCATION with the SAME LIGHTING. Exactly duplicate each picture so nothing changes the appearance of a gum color change other than a gum color change. Make sense? Finally one day it was "that's it"! It was very obviously comparing pictures instead of trying file all the in my head.

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Hi, I did take a picture before we started. I will check a couple hours later today. How much is safe to give with food?
Thanks so much for all the help!



Sherry Morse

Hi Pam,

It's dosed to effect.  You can double the dose if giving with food. If you're not seeing any change in gum color you will need to increase what you're giving now.

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

You shouldn't have to syringe  the Jiaogulan. It's very palatable.  Just wet the feed lightly or spray it with PAM olive oil.
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