Hello everyone, 

Firstly, I would like to know where I can purchase Jiaogulan Powder from as Uckele is on backorder.

Second, how much do I feed and how often? 

I have an IR horse that we are working on growing her soles.  
Ani in CA 2022

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Try mybesthorse.com or herbalcom.com. However, Jiaogulan won't grown sole per se. It will grow hoof in general but the trim has to be correct.
Eleanor in PA

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Thank you. We are working on the trim. However, I just want to feed something help with the growth and blood circulation. 

What amount do I feed per day? 
Ani in CA 2022

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Lesley Fraser

I bought Jiaogulan from My Best Horse - you could try them. Their supplements are excellent quality, and they’re very helpful and friendly, too.

Lesley and over the bridge Omar,
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Hi Ani,

I purchase mine from Horsetech.com.  I'm sure others will chime in on their preferred providers.
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There isn't any problem buying Jiaogulan from madbarn.com is there?  Haven't seen anyone mention it as a source.  I bought mine there.   Cost is $40 for 1 kg which is 2.2 lbs and price includes free shipping.
Karen B.
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Anna Newman

Can I mix Jiaogulan powder in my mule’s feed and still be effective? I read something about increasing dose by half. Syringing is a big fight with him.

Anna Newman in central North Carolina 2022

Sherry Morse