Jiaogulan powder


I have been reading the files and also different posts on Jiaogulan powder. She is off Bute and I will start the Jiaogulan powder. How much do I give? It will have to be in her food. I see if your feeding it with food you double the amount but I also saw to 1.5 the dose.  I would love to give it 20 minutes before but as stated before my dear husband is doing all of this! 


Sherry Morse

Hi Pam,

As it's dosed 'to effect' you'll need to experiment to find out how much you need.  If you're giving with feed you can do 1.5 the recommended amount to start and if you don't see pinker gums within a few days you would then want to increase it.


Take a picture of her gums before you start then you will have a baseline to see when they get darker. 
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Penny Duthie

Will the gums stay dark or lighten back up? Should they stay darker?
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

They will stay brighter, pinker - not dark or red.
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