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Hi Being a relative newby to this group ,i have been reading many posts that talk about using Jiaogulan ,so i have tried to search to find out what it is and what the purpose of its use is ,as i have never heard of this herb? Could some one please give basic explanation of its use and reason for using .I am finding the info from search for it rather confusing .
I have discovered that it can be obtained in Australia just would like better understanding as to whether it would be beneficial for Wally 
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Nancy C

Hi Jenny

Jiaogulan is an adaptogen that can help with foot pain through support of nitric oxide and relief of vascular constriction in the foot.

In her original instructions for use, Dr Kellon states the following:
For laminitis treatment to be successful you must:
1. Identify the cause

2. Remove the cause or treat it on an ongoing basis

3. Provide meticulous hoof care, often on a very frequent basis (every 2
to 3 weeks

My experience with Jiaogulan was significant improvement in pain status. We had most of the Diagnosis, Diet and Trim aspects in place.

For more info on what adaptogens actually are and how they work, plus more instructions for use of jiaogulan go to this file

For a deeper dive into what the ongoing issues with hoof pain are (HINT: it's not inflammation) Dr Kellon's 2015 and 2017 NO Laminitis! referenced proceedings
Endothelin-1: Key Player in Equine Laminitis? https://www.ecirhorse.org/proceedings-2013.php
Inflammation in Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) https://www.ecirhorse.org/proceedings-2017.php

The above are available for free. Good info for your vet and hoof pro if they have not seen before.

Jiaogulan can enhance foot growth so frequent trims and touch up are needed.

Happy reading!
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Frances C

You could research under "gynostemma pentaphyllum"
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