Kat abscess or winter laminitis?


Hey team.  Kat has been doing good.  Moving well since recovering from fall laminitis.  His weight is where it should be and he is currently eating tested/soaked hay (7% S&S) , 3/4 scoop of soaked hay cubes with some flax on top 2x a day.  Dry lots turnout only.  Today he is deal lame front right.  He has had an abscess there before and the vet is on his way.  Of course he has pads on etc so he will have to pull the shoe  if we suspect an abscess.  Is it possible for winter laminitis to present in only one hoof to start?  Not sure of anything that would hav set him off.  While we had super cold weather for SC over the holidays its over 60 today.
Carolyn, SC, oct 2022


Sherry Morse

Hi Carolyn,

Given the timing that's very suspicious of an abscess, not laminitis.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

That really sounds more like abscess. It's not uncommon for collections to become walled off in sections, like a honeycomb, and one may break free while the others fester. Soaking, poulticing, Jiaogulan, turnout and no NSAIDs will get best results.
Eleanor in PA

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