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Oh Kay, I am sure that many of us can sympathise with you!! Don't feel
bad about sharing here- I think that is one of the great benefits of
this list. So many people no nothing about Cushings that it can be a
very lonely road to travel by yourself. It has helped me deal with it
just knowing that others are dealing too.
I understand your frustration about "when is it time to give up".
Before my mare was diagnosed with Cushings it was one thing after
another. The problems never ceased. She was much younger and I wasn't
willing to just walk away from her but there were times when I sure
wanted to just give up. I think you need to ask yourself some hard
questions. Quality of life and quantity of life are two things that have
very personal meanings for each of us. You also have to weigh in your
financial and emotional strengths and obligations. Write a list of pros
and cons. Sometimes just getting everything down on paper helps see
things clearer. I am blessed with a very loving calm husband. He
listened to me poor out my heart about Star. Then he repeated things
back to me that I had said. It made it very clear to me that I wasn't
really ready to give up yet. And he, bless his heart, has never ever
even once complained about the $ resources that go towards her care!
As for your guys health I would like to suggest that you try Ester C.
It has made a real difference in both of my horses. It might help with
the laminitis too- who knows? Strategy is a Purina multi-age formula. I
switched to it from Senoir because of Senoirs high sweetener levels. It
can be difficult to find but any store that gets Purina supplies should
be able to order it for you. Star loves her Strategy so much that I can
top dress it with just about anything and she still eats it. So her
meds, corn oil, meal, Ester C, and anything else that she needs all go
into it once a day!
I am not a vet but it is my guess that the laminitis may be controlled
by a higher level of Permax. I know that .25 is the lowest dose that
they have found affective at this time. Many Cushingoid horses are on
much higher doses so maybe this will be the change he needs to keep the
laminitis in check. How much do you pay for your Permax? If it is much
cheaper here I would be happy to pick up and send you what you need.
(your vet would have to write a script and send it to me). We pay about
$80 for 60 .25mg tabs.
Keep your chin up. The decisions you are facing are not easy. You will
know what the right decision is at the right time. Feel free to write
when you are feeling low. I know I have been there too and will probably
be there again!
Chris in CA