KSU Results

Dorie Lu Strater

Dear Dr. Kellon,

We received IRON, TIBC, and FERRITIN results from KSU.  I asked your email address be included but never received confirmation from our vet, Dr. Denise Bickel.  I tried attaching it here but do not appear to be technically savvy.  Please advise how to send you a pdf file.  Our vet also recommended a metabolic panel to determine kidney and liver status, which at this point shows normal kidney and liver function.  The current grass hay diet sourced from a lower iron area than my own contains 1590mg of Fe daily, 3 x NRC.  We also installed an iron filter on the barn water in 2017 after trace mineral testing showed iron excesses and zinc deficiencies.  Our water had similar iron values as those in the Netherlands study published in May 2019.

Based on your database notes on Iron Overload, I calculated Pocahantis’ transferrin saturation @ 48% and Tonkawa’s @ 56.6%.  I believe the average IR horse in your study had 52.4%, with Normal @ 36.4%. 

1.  Would these transferrin saturation levels reflect controlled or uncontrolled IR?  We have been tightly balancing since course work Dec 2017.
2.  Serum Iron is high for both horses, 241 & 229 with range 91-240 ug/dL  Hay this year may be higher in iron than last year.  Would you recommend an iron chelator, and if so, what would be the best approach?

Thanks for your time.  Let me know how to get the file to you,  We appreciate all the help we can get, given the horses are still in boots and one is still quite sore after a prolonged bout with excess iron.

Kind regards,

Sherry Morse


You can email the results directly to Dr. Kellon at drkellon @ (take the spaces out obviously).  You cannot attach files and send them to this list but you can put them in your case history folder if you have one.