L-Carnitine-Circling Back on Dosage and Results we are having

Jennifer Boydstun


I reached out about 3 weeks ago asking about dosing l-carnitine. I added to T-Birds diet to hopefully see less fat patches (shoulder/tail) and neuropathy/foot sore. Dr. Kellon stated 1gram per lb. of horse twice per day for 2weeks then once per day continued. Side note: T-Bird is hay and mineral balanced.

Big results for T-bird; within a week his fat patches softened; he had a nice increase in energy and muscle comfort; he moved with ease; it seemed to increase joint comfort as well (Also on Equithrive Original, MSM and Move Ease for a couple years). He was walking over rocks with no hesitation. Amazing results very quickly.

I backed off to 1 time per day and the results seemed to drop off significantly. Can I increase to twice per day again or is that too much?

Thank you-



Hi, Jennifer. While you wait for Dr Kellon’s response, would you confirm the dose of L carnitine? I thought it was 1 mg, not 1gram per pound body weight. 
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The dose is 1 gram per 100 lbs of body weight for neuropathic hoof pain, acetyl-L-carnitine - not L-carnitine. You can go to twice daily with no problem,
Eleanor in PA

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Jennifer Boydstun

Yes, Acetyl L-Carnitine. Great; thank you will go back to the twice per day dose where we saw great results.

Thank you-

Jennifer and T-Bird.

Jennifer Boydstun
Folsom, Ca.
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