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Hello again,

I have updated Nira's case history with her new blood test results. Her ACTH numbers went up on her last blood test. I increased her pergolide to 1 mg per day from 0.5 mg per day on 5/28/2022.

On 6/5/2022 we added to her dry lot space so she has more room to move and she loves it.

She was doing great until about 3 days ago, she suddenly stopped eating like usual. She is leaving a good half of her hay and not touching her pellets with the supplements. I thought that we were good to go with the increase in pergolide being about two weeks ago. Could it take that long to put her off her food? How do I handle this? Do I stop the pergolide all together for a few days until she starts eating better again? Then start again, increasing by 0.25 mg instead of 0.5 mg? And over what length of time before doing an increase? Or do you think I need to look for other problems? 

Thank you!
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The only way to know for sure it's the pergolide is to stop it. It's unusual to take this long but others have reported the same thing. Assuming it is the drug, when you start back this time use  APF and I'd keep her on Bon Appetit for one container at least.
Eleanor in PA 
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