liquid cypro - its price; refrigeration

Marc Davis <lmdavis@...>

Shari wrote: <My vet gave me a bottle of 1000 tablets (4 MG) for $150>

I don't think your vet "gave" you anything! It sounds like hi-way robbery to
me! I bought 1000 tabs from my vet clinic a in July and paid $86.00. Even
this is high when the price of liquid from the compounding labs is so much
less. (I like to keep the tabs on hand "just in case"). It would be very
worthwhile for you to shop around!

I've been using the liquid cypro. for quite some time now. I got the second
bottle in July and yes they have changed the base so that refrigeration is
not necessary. It now mixes much easier!!! I also have been just putting it
in my horses grain and he cleans it up just fine though I admit it is hard
to be sure that he didn't drop or spill that tiny little spot of the stuff.

I started using the liquid pergolide a month ago and administering it the
same. Although I am now (as of this week) giving both drugs via syringe
(orally of course) since he isn't eating his grain very well lately. (Yet
another puzzle to figure out!)



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<< he isn't eating his grain very well lately. >>

For what it's worth, Strider (AKA Your Majesty) was getting picky about her
grain. She is on Equine Sr. and we were close to the bottom of the bag so it
was somewhat stale. Now that we got new in, she's back to licking it all up.
Go figure!

Also, the last time we got Cypro tabs, which are easier for me to handle than
a liquid, it cost +/- $85. Have not seen the latest bill.

Take care, all!
Ann and Strider (Ind.)