Looking for Devil’s Claw in Canada

Suzanne and Pilgrim


is there a Canadian source for Devils Claw without any added Yucca?  I have found Ukelele and Absorbine products but they include yucca and/or turmeric in the ingredient list. Am I missing something?  Are there companies shipping to Canada. (I’ve had things delivered from the US since the pandemic but than had to pay broker fees on top of things. Making it even more expensive😏)

Lecia Martin

Hi Suzanne
I use Basic Equine. They are in B.C.    Some very good products and very prompt service.  Hope that helps.
Lecia Flyte and Flame
Alberta, Canada

Frances C

Don't know if bulksupplements.com delivers to Canada but they carry Devil's Claw extract powder in many different size packages.
- Frances C.
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Lorna Cane

Have you tried Amazon,Suzanne ?

Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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Laura H

Herbs for Horses :) 
Laura Heit - Ontario 2021

Rhonda Turley

Connie Proceviat

Hi Suzanne,

Greenhawk sells pure Devils Claw. 

Connie Proceviat
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