Marvin stuff

Mary Goldy <rmgoldy@...>

Hi, Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I've been very
I am going to have to ask my vet what kind of blood test they call it
but it is very extensive. It takes place over a 2 day period. The
first day the vet draws about 5 viles of blood( do not remember exact
number now) then injects Marvin with azium. He comes back with 24
hours and draws 4 more viles of blood. This is then sent off to the
MSU approved lab for testing.
So Far the Permax dosage seems to be working very well. The only draw
back with being in the research project is that you have to purchase
the drugs from an authorized pharmacy. I guess for quality control
reasons. The vets in the study seem to think Marvin is fine for now
with out any thyroid meds. The blood work is done every six months,
and my vets office calls to schedule the appt.
As for the founder episodes they took place about 2 years apart. Both
before I found a vet willing to do proper testing for cushings.
Marvin was only depressed for a while last winter. He then had
abscecces going in both front feet at the same time. He still had
shoes and pads on at this time as well. He would hardly eat and
refused to leave his stall even though he had 24/7 acess to a large
pasture with the 2 other horses I have here. to be continued...