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Where can I find other ECIR members in my area?  It would be nice to share and get local help for hay, trimmers vets.  Since moving here it has been a rough learning curve, on hays, selenium, oaks, tick diseases. 
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Hi Lori,
There are a few of us in Arcata about 4 hours from you.  I can’t help with a farrier, but the best hay we have had in the last year came from the Scott’s Valley area which is closer to you. We get it from a local feed store here but I would imagine you might be able to get it where you are. It was low s/s and my horses loved it. 
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I am in Oakley and about 3 hours away, I am not sure how much help I can be with services but I am great for moral support  :)
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I wanted to add to Ferne’s post that you are not automatically added to this list when you join!   The list has quite a few entries but it could always use more.  And, if you don’t wish to be on another list, that’s totally understandable as well.  I don’t think anyone has ever contacted me after finding my name there so it hasn’t been time consuming.
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