micronized resveratrol and umPEA and liquid curcumin and liquid iodine

Frances C

Been following Leslie's use of Prohealth Longevity resveratrol and would like to know how best to administer it. Tried it in bucket feed and was met with absolute refusal so now that I have some 20 cc syringes would like to try this. Mix with oil? All suggestions welcome.
On Nov. 3, I added 2400 mg of umPEA to bucket feed and that was acceptable and have continued since then. I have used this before but did not see any improvement even at double dozing
At the start of Oct. I started adding nascent iodine liquid drops 1.3 mg to bucket feed as so little salt is consumed and as she had some thyroid issues in the past.
Again on Nov. 3, I started adding a miniscule amount of Qunol liquid tumeric (5 cc in syringe with 1.5 mg Prascend which comes out to about 333 mg of curcumin).I hope there is no contra indications for doing this, like does it harm the Prascend?. It seems to dissolve quite rapidly. Wondering if I should combine the resveratrol with the tumeric and see if I can get up to at least 1 gram curcumin.
Yesterday Nov. 15th I had the mare trimmed by her usual farrier. There was a significant improvement in the ease in which she picked up her feet and this notwithstanding the fact that the temp. was at 19 degrees f. and I was expecting her to be even more stiff than usual. 
Perhaps the addition of the resveratrol will help getting her to move more freely.
On Nov. 9th with the temp at 30 degrees f I had the vet draw for ATCH, Insulin and glucose and will post results and update case history when I get the information
- Frances C.
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Lesley Bludworth

Hi Frances,
That's wonderful he is less stiff!
Did you notice a difference with adding the resveratrol?
I syringe resveratrol with all the other stuff she will not eat.
Since the resveratrol is expensive, I'm not risking it on her taste bud cooperation.
I do put it in a little oil.  I use the large 60 cc syringe as I also add a little flax and psyllium to keep all of it from being a very runny liquid.
Tried to many things to get her to accept it in feed and nothing was reliable. 
She will absolutely not eat any amout of taurine or alcar when added to feed so those things are also in there.
She will however eat fish oil without issue  and big scoops of dry DHA.
I added a 1/4 cup scoop of alfalfa powder to it all and she licks the bowl clean but not if I add anything else.
If you mix resveratrol in a little flax oil and then mix in to the flax you feed (if you feed it) and add a little alfalfa powder and stir well?? 
Lesley Bludworth 
Phoenix, AZ   7/2022
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Since she is not eating the resveratrol and curcumin dose is much too low, it's likely the ultramicronized PEA - or she was just having a good day.
Eleanor in PA

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