my horse hasn't foundered


Her first symptoms were vague and hard to diagnose. She's always had
a thick coat as she lives out 24/7, the main concern was she stopped
being zippy and started getting hurt, fell down once which had never
happened before. The diagnosis is questioanble but there is
wrong with her. She's around 30, I still ride her, she was competing
up until 3 years ago. She's not on meds, looks alot better since I
took her off high sugar feeds and reduced her stress by giving her a
quieter place to live. My previous vet didn't want to start permax
yet as she has few symptoms and I'm still not sure about if she has
cushing's but am getting a consult with another vet and quess will
redo some blood work and think about putting her on permax.
I'm sort of at a loss right now as to what to do about all this, so
will wait for the 3rd vet opinion. I avoid vets that start a
with, "well she's old". I already know that.