My horse is doing better


It's hard to tell when you see them all day, and sometimes I think
imagining she looks better. Today the farmer done the road came by
and hadn't been out here in about 6 weeks, without me saying anything
to him about my horse he mentioned she looked younger than when he
her last time. Well all that hair is gone for one thing. So I told
him about the cushings and putting her on meds and he said it was
obvious to him that she was looking much better than the last time he
saw her.
As far as her salt and water consumption, I think it might be
off some, when I put the new block out she was chewing on it for
a while but seems to just be taking a lick now and then lately, the
water intake is about the same, it's hard to tell since they share
trough and it's been hot lately, sometimes I fill it in the morning
and it's almost drunk down by afternoon and other times I don't have
to refill until the next day. I purposely got a small trough so I
could keep some kind of track of it, although if I'm going to be gone
a while I put out 2 muck buckets with water just in case they drink
the other down. Moving to a warmer climate has been harder on her at
first, she wasn't used to it being hot for this long a time but she's
looking more comfortable.