Needing to update my case history…

Suzanne and Pilgrim

I’d like to start updating my case file for Pilgrim. How do I go about doing that?  I struggle with memory issues due to my health. I don’t want to redo what I don’t need to … not all that computer savvy either unfortunately😏


Hi Suzanne,

Pilgrim’s case history is saved as a pdf file, which is correct for several reasons.  To update it  you need to find the original word processing document on your computer somewhere.  I keep those items handy in a folder in my computer labeled ECIR or something similarly familiar.  You can probably search for it using the name you used to save your pdf file, leaving off the ‘pdf’ at the end. The pdf can be converted back to a word processing file with the right moves but it often garbles the formatting.

Once you have your CH file open in your word processor, you make the desired additions.  Better not to delete anything but rather to make an entry that such and such was stopped on this particular date.  When that is complete, you export it to a pdf again and upload that.  

If you are stuck at a particular step, we can usually help you get through it or let you know what you will need to do next.


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