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Glory's coronary abscess is major at this point and Im looking for suggestions as to what else I should be doing to prevent further damage.  I just posted a pic of it.  There is significant swelling of the coronary band around outside of the hoof.  There is still lots of draining.  Her other two abscess holes have quit draining.  I am afraid to soak because of her very thin sole and the possibility of P3 penetration.  I have been cleaning it best I can, applying betadine and then poulticing with epsom gel then wrapping.  It seems to be getting worse daily.  Glo is on oral antibiotics.

I now have my farrier on board(finally) with doing the full alignment trim.  He will be back on 3-31 to remove more around the toe and sides.

Glo is eating well and still getting up for a couple hours at a time several times a day.

Any suggestions for healing this mess?  Or is this just a wait it out thing?

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If Glory were mine, at this point I would stop cleaning, applying betadine and poulticing.  
Coronary bands are similar to our fingernails cuticles. The more liquid you apply, and the longer its there , the more it swells  Horse's coronary bands have a lot of circulation in them, swelling of the band can put pressure on those vessels below the surface.
Once an abscess begins to drain, I personally don't do anything more with poulticing. Pouticing is to induce drainage, once that occurs, poulticing really doesn't do much else beneficial and can actually be detrimental. Good that your're not soaking, you don't want to soften the sole as you stated. If you can find the drainage opening, flushing it with a plastic tipped syringe of warm water once a day if it has crud in it should be all that's necessary. If there's no crud, don't flush it. Unless you are using sterile solution, you could actually introduce bacteria back into a narrow hole in the foot. Not worth the risk in my opinion.
What oral antibiotics is she on and why? Dr.Kellon can give an opinion regarding their need, but again, IMO, they are not needed and the side effects can create problems with the gut you don't want to be dealing with at this time. The last thing you want right now is antibiotic induced diarrhea and possible colitis. 
Excellent that your farrier is on board. Getting the trim right will move that foot in the right direction, but don't be alarmed that it's going to take a long time for this to heal and grow out.
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The abscessing isn't doing damage. It's a sign of damage already done. All you have to do at abscess drainage sites is remove crusted material so they can continue to drain. You can continue to poultice, and it may help control swelling, but don't let it dry out. Betadine is unnecessary.

That trim is critical - getting the toe  way back and lowering the heels without touching anything in front of the middle half of the frog.

Unless there is swelling in the pastern and higher, antibiotics may not be doing anything. They can't penetrate the dense capsules the horse's body forms around abscess collections. Your vet is the one to determine if they are indicated in your situation.
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--Thanks Dawn!  I took off her poultice and re-wrapped using a plain diaper and vet wrap to keep it clean.

The antibiotic is Equisul-SDT  Sulfadiazine/ Trimethoprim  She has been on 25mm for 2weeks.  My vet told me it may not do much but when this coronary abscess became major I started Glo on it.  I also have her on Uckele GUT and Ulcergard to help with gut issues. 

Thanks again!  So wonderful to be able to get good advice!
Jeanne Q MN 2020