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When uploading lab results, do we need to upload it multiple times if the results have ACTH, insulin, leptin, etc?  It seems the drop down only says 1 at a time.

Also, Not sure where to go to add my "new" signature?  

Appreciate your help.  I have started and plan to finish it all this weekend so it is updated.
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Hi, Amy.
You don't need to upload the lab results documentation more than one time. After you upload the report once, you'll be able to choose from your existing documents to provide documentation. One little hint: don't forget to change the Documentation Creation Date at top of the Add Document menu. Today's date is always selected, but I use the blood draw date for simplicity. Maybe it's most correct to use the report date. Nancy can correct me if she objects to my simplification.

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You got this just right Cass. Thank you.

May I also add....

Just a reminder that you can give exact date info in the description window which can be updated at any time.

For example  -Metabolic panel - 2022.12.14
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