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Gary Moore

I just posted  a new hay analysis in my case history photo section. The sample  was done with a hay probe. I had to do the fast track to be cost effective since I was testing multiple hay samples to try and find one with lower ESC + starch. since DJ's insulin is going up and I think her current hay ( hay probe analysis - ESC 6.5 and starch 1.2) is part of the problem even though we soak all of her hay. Could you please tell me if you think it will be suitable?  If this one seems like it will work, I will get all the minerals done on it so I can get it balanced. Thank you for all of your input and help.
Sue in PA 2020😊

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Sue,

It appears to be lower in ESC and starch, otherwise it's pretty comparable WRT protein, ADF and NDF to the other hay in your photo album ( ).  With the lower ESC+starch, I'd try it. 

Ultimately you'd want to try to find a hay with 8-10% protein, but we don't know how much if an effect high protein has, and it may not be an issue.

The moisture content is a bit high, so make sure it's not moldy.

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