New hay analysis for Yankee


Received my 603 hay analysis for this year - first time for two years in a row from the same supplier (yay!).. 

Surprisingly, it's nearly identical to last year's, except WSC is higher, and ESC + Starch is 11.1%... but iron is nearly half of last year's. I'll watch them both carefully, but even though ESC+Starch is over 10% I think he should be ok. I'm hoping the lower iron will mean it's mostly a wash :)  I'll get a new feed analysis from Mad Barn since he's still on AminoTrace+, but appreciate any comments on the hay analysis.

Yankee is doing well PPID-wise (I updated the CHR in April after his yearly bloods), except his topline still isn't great, and nothing seems to improve it.
June 2018
NW Wyoming

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