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Kay H. <akkray@...>

Hi Everyone and thanks Robin for starting this list. I just found out
about it today and went back and read some of the archival posts, but
will have to read the rest at another time. I see that many of you
using pergolide with your Cushingoid horses.

My name is Kay and I live in Fairbanks, Alaska with my two horses...a
9 yr. old Icelandic gelding and my 22 yr. old TB/QH Domino,who is the
one with Cushings. He was diagnosed last year about this time, but
symptoms for the two years prior, I know in looking back. He has had
two (or three) laminitic bouts...the first and most serious in 1998.
After much care and foam shoes he pulled through with less than 3%
rotation. Last year's bout didn't cause any new rotation, but did
probably damage the laminae as his foot has been growing in a bit
crooked. Domino is currently experiencing a very mild bout of
something (we're calling it laminitis) which is only centered in one
front foot. His digital pulse is elevated, but it varies from day to
day. He has been on bute(minimal) and isoxuprine for 5 or 6 weeks,
I've lost track. I suspect his discomfort is due to the misalignment
of his foot bones. Hopefully he will be better once he has grown a
hoof. The laminitic ring still has another 1 1/2 inch or more to move

Domino also takes pergolide. We first tried him on cyproheptidine,
he did not respond. I think he is on the .25mg dose...I'll have to
look at the bottle. I would say he was doing well, but this mild
lameness is not a good thing.

I'm out of time for now, but did want to introduce myself. This is an
awful disease, but it helps to talk with other people dealing with
It seems so unfair to our wonderful older horses to have this
develop...a cruel trick of nature. Let's not give up hope and keep on
sharing our little tricks and successes. Kay in Alaska