New member introductions

Anna Bradley <anna.bradley@...>

Hi my name is Anna, and I am introducing myself to you all!!!! I have a
14HH Irish Riding Pony cross Connemara gelding called Oscar. He is grey
and was diagnosed with Cushings at Xmas. He is our baby and we have owned
him for 11 years, he is now 18. I am so plaesed to have found this group as
I felt so low when he was diagnosed, its great to hear from other owners in
a similar position!
Osc at present just has a long summer coat, and is starting Pergolide this
week. He will be having 3 pills per day for 2-3 months and then 2 pills per
day after that. Any info about the Pergolide/its effectiveness,a nd hints
about looking after horses with Cushings would be greatly appreciated.

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Welcome Anna and good luck with Oscar. My advice about looking after Cushingoid
horses is to do the best and most careful management/feed practices you can. Keep
current on all shots, worming, teeth floating, hoof care...all the stuff you already
do, but with extra attentiveness. Be careful about horse has eaten only
grass hays, Equine Sr., a little oats, sometimes corn oil and his pergolide and
supplements. Watch for and treat quickly any wounds, as these horses are usually
slow-healers. I think a general word would be 'prevention'...try to prevent big
problems by noticing the little things. It sounds like you have good veterinary
support. That plus a good farrier will be invaluable.

My horse has been taking pergolide since his diagnosis last year. I think you are
lucky to get a diagnosis as you now have a good chance of controlling the symptoms.
My horse's hair coat is gorgeous right now and he seems to have improved quite a bit
with the pergolide. Unfortunately, he has chronic laminitis following a long string
of difficulties. If you can prevent a laminitis episode you'll be doing well. My guy
didn't get diagnosed until he'd already had two bouts of laminitis and I don't think
we're going to be able to save him. I think your prospects are very good with your
pony and I wish you both the best. Kay in AK