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Hello I am new to the group, have a 17 year old thoroughbred diagnosed this summer with PPID - she is is actively ridden, very athletic, and in good shape, she has been on a half pill of prascend daily for about 2 months.  Wondering if I need to modify her exercise or diet?  She is typically off work for the winter, full turnout.

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Tamara in MN  2022

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Being off work will make her more prone to developing insulin resistance as a result of the PPID. A half pill is a very low dose. I would recheck her ACTH, with insulin and glucose  end of December. Be alert for rapid weight gain, development of a fatty crest on her neck or elsewhere, bulging fat above her eyes. These are  warning signs of IR and may not give you much advance notice before laminitis. If you see any warnings, go straight to the emergency diet.
Eleanor in PA 
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