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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Laminar wedge is dead and generally softer than healthy hoof so it can usually be removed very quickly and easily - just be aware of how far you are going. Use the green line and eyeball where you need to end up before starting. You can even literally use a marker to draw the parameters onto the sole itself. Since that RF toe was already backed to some degree, there will be less to remove than shown on the rads - in the pix, it's looking a lot better, with the "corners" being the bigger issue.

Have a read on Pete Ramey's site (links I included) for more info on what you can use for landmarks on these feet to help guide you.

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Jan 05, RI
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Jeanne Q

Have been reading on Pete's site.   Hope my farrier did also!  Thanks for the links.  Im feeling fairly confident about today's trim.  Thanks to you Lavinia!
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