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Becky Ferry


Thank you all for your replies. 

Paige's info is good & I am trying to be positive for her as she picks up when I am not. 

April seems to be managing very well, she is moving a little unevenly but is moving & really picking her hind feet up & stepping under. Yes the frogs were a little overtrimmed - I think he wanted them to look tidy, as farriers do. However, I just let him explain everything he was doing & show me, & to his credit he said that the frogs were not in contact with the ground, so they were not doing their job. Not sure why he trimmed so much though. 

She is very bright in herself & lying down alot less now. I have put her back out with the others; we have had little rain recently so it is not slippy & I think is providing her support when the ground moulds into her feet each step. She doesn't care for racing around with them & mentally it has to be helping her recovery. Apparently she doesn't need her boots on to go out either - the dominant mare knows her own mind!!!

Given the response to her trim, would it be ok to start backing her toes a little, perhaps every couple of days, or should i just do it all in one go? 

I have photos of the others' feet, do you want them all emailed to you Lavinia? There are a few....

Many thanks again. 


2010 UK NRC 

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Becky,

Glad to hear April seems to be a bit better. Sometimes it's just baby steps - but they ARE positive steps.

That he trimmed the frogs even while acknowledging that they were already too "short" is frustrating. It is a common problem, as is scooping out more sole, all the while complaining that the sole is too thin.  Huh???

Definitely back the toes a bit, a little every few days is a great way to do it.

Yes, send me the pix of the others' feet. If they aren't IR/PPID then I need to do the uploading to the ECHoof sub-group.
Lavinia, Dante and George Too

Jan 05, RI

EC Support Team

Becky Ferry


Just an update which makes my concern around the lameness over the last few days make sense. Beautiful smelly abscess has come out of her LF coronary band, at about the quarter mark. Checked out the files as only ever had sole abscesses to treat in past & have poulticed it up. Will change every 12 hours or so. She seems a lot more comfortable although still not happy. Have added couple of photos.

Relieved it is hopefully not something less manageable at the moment. 

Are there any recommended nutritional supports for abscess?

Hopefully now she will begin to bear weight a little better so I can file those toes!


2010 UK NRC