Makyla Waters <twolegged@...>

Susan - Who makes the Nu-Flex product and what is in it? I refuse to go
back on bute. My vet says it's not related but it was too closely related
to his excess urinating. I also found a referral to a negative reaction to
bute in dogs with Cushings. No details unfortunately. It was a referral
hospital in Australia and they said bute was counter-indicated (hope that's
the right word!) in dogs with bleeding disorders. They then listed several
bleeding disorders and listed Cushings disease at the last and with a ?
mark, as if to indicate it was maybe a problem. I haven't found any other
sources to discuss this issue. I may just email them with a question about

Take care, Makyla & 4-legged friends

Susan Laflamme <f4mlatir@...>

Hi Makyla, If you want to replace the bute then you want the devil's claw,
it works great!!So Far I've been buying the devil's claw at health food
stores, Darby gets about 900 mg a day, Chamisa Ridge sells devil's claw I
haven't bought it from them yet.
I can't say enough about the devil's claw as far as pain and inflamation's amazing.
The Nu-Flex Maximizer I don't have here in the house so I can't tell you
who makes it but I do know it's ingredients are glucosamine, yucca, and
ester-C Darby is on it because she is old and creaky also yucca and vitamin
c have really good anti-inflamitory action.(I think Nu-Flex is made by
Select The Best).
I stopped giving Darby salt because cushings horses often have high blood
pressure which can contribute to trouble with laminitis. I don't give her
any sweetfeed, carrots, apples, or any other thing that could make her
blood sugar levels any higher either. For treats she gets regular old dog
bones and she seems to like them just fine.
It was really hard to find a joint supplement that wasn't sweetened with
I recently noticed that Chamisa Ridge has a treat that is all natural with
no sugar or molassess.
Good Luck