Nuzu or Uckele: pill popper options?


Have either companies considered making a pill popper option to hide Prascend in?   A squishy treat that can be pulled apart and folded around the pill would work too.   

- Jennifer Haunschild
Sept 2019, Edmond, OK
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ferne fedeli

Beet-e-Bites makes a pill pocket you might try.


Ferne Fedeli     2007

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Cheryl Oickle

I make the flax cookies of consistency that is soft enough to slip the pills into the middle.
Works like a charm

Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018
Port Alberni BC Canada


I use flax seed moistened with water and a little salt and stick the pill in that.  I usually end up opening her mouth with my left hand and sticking it in as far as I can with  my right.  I've tried syringing it in (she spits it out) as well as pilling guns, etc.  She will take a small piece of apple or carrot, but manages to spit the pill out and so I just shove it back in again.  I figure if I'm just going to shove the pill in anyway, I don't need the risk of the apple or carrot. She does the best job of keeping it in and swallowing with the flaxseed, probably because she can't chew that well.  Sometimes I get bit, but it's really not much different than sliding a bit in once you get your technique down.
Helen, Josie and Kyra
May 2016
Brunswick, VT, USA
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