Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi again. Kay, thanks so much for the donkey-advice. I didn't realize Daisey Mae
is a miniature, but that's great! I have heard that they are very easy keepers
and I will do my best. My Icelandic gelding Kjarkur is also an easy keeper and he
came out of winter very fat. I've been dieting him for about six weeks and he's
dropped 10-15# a week. By the end of July he should be just right.I think it
will be much easier to check them both every week with a tape, then adjust feed
accordingly. I'd rather keep it in check all along the way, and it's certainly
better for the animals to not be fat. My older horse is a very hard keeper, so it
was tricky juggling the different needs. Does a weight tape work with the mini
donkeys? How much grass hay do you feed? Kay in AK