Old case history details...?


Good morning all from me and my mostly cranky mare.  (is it PPID or PMS? we need a study.)

I'm updating our case history and was wondering if I should be deleting the old information from feeds, herbs and supplements given in the past.  I guess the word case "History" makes me think I should keep the old info. and add the things I'm doing now.  But there are things I'm not doing anymore and no place to indicate that I've stopped them.  Thoughts?  I thought about striking through the the entries of things not being done.

thanks for your help.
Joy and Emmy
WI, Feb 2019

Lorna Cane

Hi Joy,

If it were me I would leave everything there,to provide a history,let me see what I've tried,what didn't 'work',etc.

I like your idea of striking out those items no longer used.

i defer to what the Support Team suggests,though,if this isn't what is wanted.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario



The Case Histories that make the most sense to me (not my own, please don’t check!) are the ones that have an entry for starting a supplement and another entry for when it was discontinued.  It gives the most complete picture, in my mind.  I don’t believe striking them out allows us to see when it was stopped.
Thanks for asking about that!
Martha in Vermont
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July 2012 
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Sherry Morse

Hi Joy,

If you have your CH saved in Word format on your computer you can add cells to the various tables and that will allow you to make notes on new diet/exercise/meds while noting the dates the older products were stopped.

I hope that makes sense.  Striking out would let us know something was no longer applicable, but we wouldn't necessarily know the date of the change.