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I’m starting to look for a second horse for riding and a buddy for Chappie. I’m hoping to get one who won’t be prone to IR and will be able to be on pasture during the day and in the drylot with Chappie at night. I started looking at Quarter Horses, but an Oldenburg Appaloosa dressage horse has caught my eye. I know there are no guarantees, but does anyone have an idea which way this breeding would lean? If I were younger I’d look for a Thoroughbred, but I think 68 is kind of old to buy my first Thoroughbred. 😊 Thanks for any insights.
Laura K. Chappie & Beau (over the bridge)
2011 N IL


Hi Laura,
I wouldn’t dismiss TBs because of their reputation for being “hot”.  My future mother in-law at the time never had anything but and she popped me on one, when my interest in horses was purely as a spectator, 50 years ago.  We went for a trail ride and I survived!  Later, while a boarder, I rode a number of TBs with their owners permission and found them great fun.  These were not OTTBs and tended to have a stockier build.  

In terms of genetics, the Appy is more likely to be IR than the Oldenburg so who knows what will win out.  Besides WBs have the ‘reputation’ of being stubborn.  My sweet 17.2 hh Holsteiner, Logo, hadn’t a stubborn bone in his body and was never IR.  Being PPID can be a major financial drain and any horse can develop that.

I’ve often wondered what I might look for in my next horse as after volunteering here, I have a slightly different perspective.  And, at my age, I’m not actively looking.  What is the training you want your new horse to have and why is it being sold are the questions I’d ask myself.  Maybe someone else can own the horse while you provide housing and exercise?

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Suzy Berkowitz

Hi Laura, please consider adopting a Standardbred. They are such amazing horses. 
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My Yoyo (full Appy) is IR as is a friend's POA/Appy cross but many in my local Appy club are not.  Just for full disclosure, Appys can also have eye problems such as Uveitis.  Yoyo has it.  You might want to have the horse's eyes checked by an Ophthalmology vet, not by a "regular" vet.  It is very possible since this horse is a cross with a breed not known for developing Uveitis, there will not be an issue.   I knew Yoyo might have had some vision issues in the future when I bought him, but I also just knew he was the horse for me.

Just to be very clear, a partial or completely blind horse can be ridden, many are.  They are doing trail riding, dressage (up to Olympic level), western dressage, trail obstacle competitions, other horse shows, barrel racing, being lesson horses for adults and children and more.  Even competitive jumping.
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I second the recommendation of a Standardbred. The first horse I foxhunted was a Standardbred. They are incredibly versatile. My husband and I bred and raced them for 30 years, still have 2 of our retirees.  There should be a rescue in your neighborhood. They are not prone to IR unless they have PPID.
Eleanor in PA

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I sure appreciate everybody’s comments. I’ve definitely been doing a lot of thinking.
I think this horse would have been perfect for me 10 yrs ago. But at 16 2 he’s a big boy, and while I had a 16 2 Friesian 20 years ago, and learned to ride that bounding canter, I’m not as bold a rider now. This Oldenburg sounds like a lovely, well trained and kind, 7 or 8 year old horse, but facing reality, I think an older, shorter horse might be a wiser choice. (I’m older and short too). He’s also very expensive. 😊
I’m talking to the seller tomorrow and will see how it goes.
I’ve also thought of going with a Standardbred and will follow up that idea.
Thanks everyone
Laura K. Chappie & Beau(over the bridge)
2011. N IL