Pergolide dosage poll 2 #poll-notice

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

What is the highest dosage of pergolide you have used with no complications other than transient loss of appetite?


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Donna Coughlin

Duke was on 3.5 mg. Prascend until he died with no problems at all managing the increases over the years. He lived to be 45, thanks to ECIR (and Lavinia!). Robin is now 19 and started Pergolide a year and a half ago (titrated up to 1 mg Prascend). This past fall, I upped his dose to 1.5 mg. He has never had even the smallest reaction. I did use APF. His case history will be updates soon!
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Angelika Busi

Qiqi, my now 35-year-old Arabian mare is now on 27 mg pergolide without showing any adverse problems to it. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s about 18 years ago. In 2018/19 her doses had to be continuously increased, but even on 21 mg of pergolide her ACTH was not under control and she was not able to keep her weight anymore.

Because she didn’t seem to respond well to pergolide anymore, we tried her on Cabergoline injections. Unfortunately, she reacted to these with swellings and was obviously not feeling well for several days afterwards.

Therefore, we went back to pergolide and slowly increased her daily amount to 27 mg by October 2020. Since then, she is doing well and doesn’t show any negative side effects.


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Kirsten Rasmussen

Wow, Angelika!  18 years with PPID!  They should write a paper about Qiqi.  I think she's on the highest dose I've heard of. 

I hope she continues to do well and that you keep us updated. 

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Cindy Giovanetti

My donkey is on 1 mg, so I voted up to 2.  But that sort of implies that I’ve had complications with a dosage over 2 mg, which is not the case.  That’s just as high as we’ve gone so far.


Do you mean for this poll to only be for owners who have had complications to identify where the complications showed up?




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Eleanor Kellon, VMD


No, it's for owners that have NOT had any unusual complications.
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Angelika Busi

Thank you, Kirsten,

yes, I hope so too.

Haven’t updated her case history for a while. Her next ACTH test is scheduled for the end of February so, after the results are back, I will hopefully have enough energy to tackle the new forms.


Angelika and Qiqi & Apollo

NE Illinois

September 15