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Daisy Shepherd

does any one have info on wedgewood compounding pharmacy?  pet health is much closer to me but they do capsules and liquid.; if i use these for my 31 year old ppid horse,  and he chooses not to eat his grain ( will not eat capsules and powder not  practical ) or only a portion of, then i do not know what  dose he ate; he is very difficult to do oral syringe dosing; so to make a long question shorter i really need pills ( similiar to prascend )  thank you daisy and tiko
Daisy, Tiko and Whisper
CO, April 2019
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You should place a call to Wedgewood and ask what form their compounded tablets are available in. I use Wedgewood and I feel their website leaves a lot to be desired for customers. My vet's prescription was written for "tablets" even though I requested CAPSULES. The Wedgewood tablets are flavored chewable large tablets, not the tiny things like Prascend. Of course he won't just eat them. However, they dissolve easily and quickly in a little water. Then the barn manager pours that into his large dosing syringe and he sucks that down. It helps to use an actual dosing syringe and add a little something for flavor. You could add a little applesauce or even a little Cocosoya oil. Practice without the tablets until the horse accepts the dosing.
Bonnie Snodgrass 07-2016

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Nancy C

Wedgewood is very reputable.

Here is the link to their site.  You can call or email them.

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Hi Daisy,
When I switched from Prascend to compounded pergolide my vet recommended Wedgewood. He has used them for years and finds them reputable as Nancy said. The pharmacist has worked well with my vet and I've also talked with him several times. I recently switched from the capsules to the Gourmed tablets which come in three flavors. As Bonnie said, they are huge..almost the size of a quarter. Relevante was NOT impressed with the apple molasses flavor so I'm going back to the small capsules. But they do also have something called a Medi-Melt tablet but I don't know how they work or how large they are. Since I board and my caregiver feeds Relevante his medication by hand to make sure he gets it, she feels the tiny capsules are much easier to administer and to hide in treats.
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Deb Walker

I did not have good luck with Wedgewood and switched to Pet Health Pharmacy.
Deb and Scotty I/R, PPID
Pecatonica Illinois, May 13, 2019
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