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Sadly, I had to have my horse, Oscar, euthanized earlier this week. He was suffering with acute and chronic laminitis. We have been trying to help him for several months, but it was not to be. His coffin bone was sinking, and it became clear that he could not suffer through the winter. I believe it was the right decision. Before the end stage of his illness, we thought that the chronic laminitis may have been caused by Cushings disease, so I started him on Pergolide. I ordered Prascend through Valley Vet. 

The Prascend 1 mg pergolide mesylate tablets came as 60 tablets in six blister packs of 10 tablets each. I used 20 tablets (2 blister packs). If someone is interested in purchasing the remaining 40 tablets in four unopened blister packs, I would be happy to send them to you. I paid $112 for the 60 tabs. Do you think $60 is a fair price for the remaining 40 tablets? Please contact me via eknox217@.... Thank you.

tara sullivan

Ian chime in here please. Ok. Please confirm this for me as I do get my mare's meds from Thriving Pets.  I order the 1.5mg capsule dose...which to me would be like giving her 1.149 tablets of prascend....yes??  Just a little more than 1mg of pergolide.  I thought I had this down and now not so sure.
Thanks all
Tara and Divina
2014 NY

Sharon Manning

my CP is from Per Health Pharmancy out of AZ.
Label says, " Pergolide Mesylate".

Sharon Manning

Hi Nancy,
I await with bated breath as I have a empty pocket book her at the holidays.
I am spending 334.07 per month just on CP.
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Hi Sharon

Without getting too far into the weeds, that is what we are trying to sort out.

Nancy C in NH
Feburary 2003
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