Pennington-Boggio's <pennbo@...>

Hi, I have my 22yo mare on Permax (pergolide). She is on .25 g a day. I
buy them at WalMart for about $75 for a two month supply. That is
cheaper than cypro! The newest thought, backed up by research, is that
much lower doses of permax are effective than were originally thought.
We started with the lowest and were going to increase it as needed. So
far it doesn't seem to be needed. We will really know when summer comes
and she sheds OR not!
Also, I was doing some reading today and ran across a paper that asserts
that what Cushingoid horses develop is not true diabetes but something
similar that is very resistant to insulin. Thankfully so far we seem to
be out of those waters!
Now the million dollar question- what kind of a life span have other
vets told y'all to expect with your Cushings horses? I know that this is
eventually terminal and I spent days and days crying when I first found
out. Now that the prognosis looks good I am learning, slowly, to relish
each day and resign myself to the eventuality. How are the rest of you
dealing with this?

Susan Laflamme <f4mlatir@...>

Hi Chris,
My horse Darby was diagnosed with cushings last year, she has probably had
it since her first attack of laminitis 4 years ago. Darby is 40+ years old,
she is on cypro but it hasn't done much for the insulin problem. I have cut
out all sweetners, fruit, carrots from her diet. I give her dog bones for
treats. Cushings horses also often have high blood pressure so watch the
salt. Darby's symptoms are cronic laminitis and high insulin. She has never
had a problem with shedding.
I hope your horse does well and has many good years ahead.