Phyto-quench question


My Uckele Phyto-Quench has this caution: May be GI irritant, not to be used with patients with stomach ulcers.
My question is can I use this on my mini who has had ulcers in the past?  He wasn't scoped but did show blood in the fecal occult test.  After a few courses of Ulcergard and sulcrulfate he had a clean fecal occult test.  Since then he has been on Relyne and has not acted as though he has ulcers for over a year and a half.  I have not had a fecal occult test done recently.
What ingredient would be the issue?
Also, before I saw the mice type caution, I tried feeding him a tiny bit in his daily beet pulp concoction and he soundly rejected it.  I tried ALCAR after that which he thinks is delicious.

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

That is an old caution related to Devil' Claw and it's not necessary.
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