Pilgrim refusing to eat supplements/Necessary Insulin Wise

Suzanne and Pilgrim

Since our move to a new facility on January 1, Pilgrim has refused to take his beet pulp with supplements. Never in 3 years has this occurred.  I suspected ulcers too late. I was convinced it was an issue in his mouth in mid-December. Mouth was perfect - so not the issue. I had noticed his eating patterns had been changing.  He is now starting 3rd week of Omeprazole. 

I am trying out different taste tempters todays ie. Hoffman’s BalancIR.  Masterfeeds in Winnipeg will get back to me if they carry soy hull pellets. If they don’t I don’t know where to source them out. I do see that online Amazon, for instance, is selling 100% soy hull pellets for people who want to grow mushrooms. is that a safe purchase to consider?

Lecia Martin

Hi Suzanne:   regarding soy hull pellets, Otter Co-op out of Langley BC manufactures the pellets.   I source them from Lonestar Tack and Feed in Calgary, Ab.  Hope that helps.
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Suzanne and Pilgrim

Thanks, Lecia. It seems that Masterfeeds in Winnipeg does indeed carry them after all does have soy hull pellets after all.


Suzanne and Pilgrim
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Nancy C

Hi Suzanne

I may have missed this, but I wanted to offer our experience. My guys will go on and off their custom meals based on how dry it is.

I usually just give enough moisture to keep the minerals on the pellets (Poulin Carb Safe). When I find their meal dried out and not eaten, I add more water. Even adding while still in the bowl it gets eaten.  When adding before serving it always gets eaten.

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