Possible Supplement to Stabilize Insulin???

Suzanne and Pilgrim

Pilgrim has gone from compensated IR to having normal insulin levels. I was giving him Insulin Wise in his daily beet pulp but it seems my money could be better spent elsewhere. I think I read on this site that the product is purported to be able to affect insulin levels but there is a lack of research to back this up.  Is there a supplement out there capable of doing that?  Joagulan perhaps?


Hi Suzanne,
There is no supplement capable of lowering insulin.  Management is what takes care of that and it seems you are doing well there.  Metformin is prescribed by your vet to decrease insulin but it should be saved for dangerously high insulin levels as it can lose its effectiveness over time.  You may have also read about invokana, which is the next drug to try after metformin.  Insulin wise offers a refund if it doesn’t perform as expected.
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Hi Martha,

Thanks for your reply. I’ll sure try to keep things the way they are for Pilgrim🤞


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