Post trim pics for mark ups


Lavinia Ive posted the post trim pics of Glory's feet you asked for.  My farrier will be out 3/31 for sure or sooner if he has time.  If you could please do some mark ups on the pics to give us an idea where to go from here, that would be so helpful.

I had "the talk" with my farrier.  That was a tough one!  He wants to see this through even though I will be asking him to do things that he may not agree with.  Im glad he made this decision.  He's really good and I trust him.

Jeanne Q MN 2020

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Thanks, Jeanne.

Glad your farrier is willing to give this a try, even tho he has reservations. I respect his willingness to try something outside of his comfort zone.

I'll get some mark-ups up for you before the Mar 31 but not sure right now exactly when.

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