Prascend question

Bev and Skeeter and Magic

When you have to cut a prascend tab into quarters, in order to administer 1-1/4 tab per day, how do you store the remaining parts of the tab? thank you.
- Bev and Majestic and Skeeter
May, 2017
Prescott, Arizona

Sherry Morse

Hi Bev,

Most people will dissolve a half pill in water and syringe half one day and half the next as a way of getting about 1/4 tab in as the pills are not meant to be cut into quarters.  If your vet is advising that small an uptick you may want to ask about using Pergolide as it can be compounded to be the equivalent of 1.25mg of pergolide mesylate. 


I promptly wrap the leftover Prascend in tin foil and put it inside a small pill bottle for use the next day.
Cris Bliss  California 2018


I use those little (5ml) round plastic makeup containers (with screw lids) for extra bits and doses. 

Would advise giving by syringe, as Sherry suggested, if your horse also has IR and getting an accurate dose is important. I feed with grain and the itty 1/4 is occasionally missed. I'm okay with it because my mare requires a half and a bit and does not have IR. 


April 2019, (Yahoo Group member 2008)
Langley, BC, Canada

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