Prospective new horse

Kandace Krause

I am looking to purchase a new horse and have found one I do like, 5 y.o. mare Arab x Andalusian.  This horse is very overweight, much more than "K" ever was and has a large floppy crest, not noticable swollen udder and a great cusion on ribs.  As she is so young there is no indication of fat deposits in eye sockets and fat is smooth and overall, not lumpy.  Anything else I can look for?
I am trying to get a vet to do an Insulin test, as I am now aware of the IR problem and know it could strike this young horse.  I have read and reread and researched elsewhere, and I think this is not a reversible condition, that is only controlable once confirmed.  Am I correct in that?
Kandace K
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2020

Sherry Morse

Hi Kandace,

You are correct, if a horse is IR it is not something that is cured, it can be controlled through diet and exercise.