Purina Carb Concious treats & Speedibeet

Shevawn Romine

Need thoughts on Purina Carb Concious treats.    The bag states less than 5% Carbs & sugars.   Usually not fan of Purina,   but thought maybe they got the message.   Had been using Nuzu,  but these cost much less plus are so easy to get.   On the Speedibeet,   the bag states it does not need to be rinsed and would be difficult it seems as is chopped.   Is the sugar still ok if not rinsed?    I feed a handful expanded 2 X day to get powdered supplements in as nothing else has worked.     
Cassie and Shevawn
03/2015   Gordon, TX
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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Starch is at 4.9%, which should be below 4%.
Fat is minimum 4% and it's all omega 6.
Added iron as an ingredient.

I'd pass on them.

You don't need to soak SPeedidbeet to reduce sugar as the levels are guaranteed to be below 10%. Rinsing is recommended to wash away dirt/iron. I put it in a colander and let hot water run over it for several minutes while I do other things. Amazing the amount of dirt that washes away and it plumps up at the same time.

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