Question re: blood work


Dr Kellon

Per my vets advice - I have been giving Vandy 1/2 tab Prascend since June 18.  She has also been on a Bute trial since then - starting with 2g twice/day & now down to 1g at nite only. She responded great & has gotten better every day despite lowering the Bute. She is in her Glove boots & showing no signs of lameness. 

I have scheduled a vet farm call for Vandy this Thursday. What blood work do you recommend?



Mary & Vandy

May 2022,  Holden, Louisiana
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Since she is doing well I probably wouldn't retest this early.Wait until mid July, or earlier if she's sore again, then retest insulin and ACTH.

Eleanor in PA 
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