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My vet asked that I work with a nutritionist to adjust Mouse and Ryn's feeding protocols. It has been recommended that they are either on grass or free choice hay (10-12% NSC) 3 cups of Cool Stance, 2.5 scoops of High Point Grass (mineral supplement) and Cur-ost EQ Total support.  I could not find much info in the files other than 2 analyses of the Cool Stance from 2008.  Obviously I will not be following these recommendations with two IR horses but wanted to ask if anyone has experience with Cool Stance or Cur-ost EQ?  My hay that is being fed has been balanced by Dr. Kellon and I am supplementing as she has recommended.  Any input appreciated.  
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I don't recommend copra because of the high fat, high ESC + starch, unbalanced mineral profile and poor amino acid profile. The Total might be worth trying for allergies but nothing in your horse. You don't need high point grass with your current minerals.

Are they underweight? Any active hoof pain? Any recent labs?
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When we did bloodwork on 10/17 Mouse was Glucose 88 Insulin 92.73 Ryn was Glucose 99 Insulin 93.56 on unsoaked hay tested at ESC 6.0 Starch .4 with wet chemistry.  Starting on 10-19, I began to soak this hay and it has been soaked since then until blood draw on 11/15.  Both of them had Glucose of 108, Mouse's insulin was 136.07 and Ryn's was 50.13.  They are not on Metformin.  We have also done a HTMA to see if something else is amiss.  Ryn is in work, Mouse is not due to thin sole on RF and is in boots, being hand-walked 10-15 minutes a day.  He is trimmed every three weeks.  I will update case history asap.  
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LJ Friedman

I remember years ago, that there was something about cool stance that was a no go for IR horses. But I don’t remember the exact issue. You can probably search the files.
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Hi Kimberly (and LJ), 

Dr Kellon has answered your questions but here's the results of a message search on "Cool Stance" and "Cur-ost EQ".


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