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Lou, in Texas, my candle is lit and positive thoughts are headed out your way
for you and your horse. Good luck, we know how hard this is! Please keep us

Kay, Puppy, Becce, and Mira Me
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Lou <lou@...>

Claire, yes, I have Jack on Cosequin and agree that it makes a big
difference. His Degenerative Joint Disease is severe. He has had
arthoscopic surgery on both hocks (about 3 years ago) and has fewer
acute episodes of pain. However, he remains lame at the walk even.
Yesterday evening when I went to the barn at 6pm., I found him in
obvious pain, sweating all over, he had rolled, and was curling his lip.
He was fed at 4pm and had eaten his Equine Senior and most of his
alfalfa. The vet on emergency call was just driving in the driveway (he
lives behind our barn) when my friend was walking out to get the phone,
so I got help to Jack right away. This horse has colicked before, but
is not prone to it, so understandably, I was upset and worried. He was
tubed with oil and given banamine. He defecated, passed gas and seemed
more comfortable - but still looking worriedly at his sides. Since he is
a "complicated" case, I decided to go ahead and take him to Tx. A&M.
He's been a frequent visitor because of his arthritis. I'm so glad I
did. The vet there looked at him and thought he was doing great, but
wanted to keep him in ICU to watch him. I wanted him kept for some
other followups on Monday since he was up there. Well - the vet called
this am and he colicked again at 2am. SO GLAD HE WAS IN ICU!!! Even if
I had checked on him after his colick, I probably would not have been at
the barn at that hour - and since I have no trailer - would not have
easily gotten him to the horspital if I did see him.

The vet said he would call this evening if he recolicked, so I'm keeping
my fingers crossed that he will be ok. Don't know the cause of the
colick. Yes - I do know of effects of long-term bute, but Jack has
colicked before just from pain and stress of bad hocks - so it is a
balancing act. Will keep you posted. Keep your fingers crossed for my
old boy.

Lou in Texas (And Jack at TxA&M)


I hope he's doing better, you must have been so worried probably
are but good thing he was at the clinic, keep us posted.